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Via G.Oberdan 17, 46100 Mantova
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We are closed on Monday

From 6pm to 10:30pm only take away and home delivery are available

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LaCucina is a step back in the culinary tradition of Mantua.

Not only the menu - which changes daily accordingly to the seasons - sometimes takes up old recipes almost forgotten, but the entire space translates the old concept of "dining" into a modern dimension, welcoming the guest in a relaxed and family environment.

At lunch, there is a deliberately smaller menu that allows you to quickly eat high quality food at an affordable price. In the evening you can enjoy a more extensive and elaborate menu in order to better appreciate the value of our kitchen.

Customers can also order food to go and buy some of the products that we prepare and serve to our guests.

LaCucina opened on November 11, 2011 in Mantua, in Via Oberdan 17.

The restaurant, in a historic palace in Mantua, formerly housed a clothing store and before that a stationery store.

Designing a restaurant from a clothing store has certainly created many difficulties, but also left us the greatest degree of freedom in defining the spaces being forced to build all from scratch.

Among other things, the project is an expansion of a gastronomic workshop, also for this reason LaCucina is an unconventional restaurant.

In conceiving LaCucina both the historical moment and today's culinary scene have been considered.

In our opinion, there is strong desire to return to the origins where simple food prepared with extreme care is more and more appreciated.

We applied the same concept to the restaurants' rooms and the result was to create simple and linear spaces with the aim to translate into a modern dimension the concept of "dining" and welcome the guests in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment.

We took the risk to offer a formula where people at lunch (and sometimes even for dinner) can share the space sitting at the same table, so the feeling is like staying in a large kitchen rather than in a restaurant.

At the same time there is very little density, fifty seats in one hundred and fifty square feet, our guests enjoy great freedom of movement and do not feel compressed into tight spaces.

We are very pleased to see that the message has very well received and shared so far, you immediately sense the tranquility and relaxation with which our guests spend time in our place, the fact that the quality of the kitchen is recognized as high-level of course helps!

Our typical customer chooses LaCucina without even knowing what we cooked but only because he knows he will find excellent quality, reasonable price and a relaxed environment.

We try to balance the daily menu so that it can satisfy anyone who enters; for example, every day we have at least one vegetarian dish.

Besides the quality of the products we are also very careful to cooking methods and to the "lightness" of the dishes, even for those that at first glance do not seem much.

Maintaining the characteristics of the gastronomic workshop of which we are evolution, you can take home the dishes available both in menu and not if ordered in time, cooked or to be cooked.

Moreover, some of the products that we prepare and serve to our customers, are packaged and available for direct sale.